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Hello Julie,

Please find attached some on my wedding photos, I am really very thankful for the dress, it was really a great day.

Please be informed that I will receive 5 big photos from the hotel where  I made my wedding soon and I will also send to you.

Rasha Hossny from Turkey
Hey Julie,                                                                                     Style:CG148

some picture for you and for see the perfect job with my weeding dress!

Thank you,... this dress is sooooo perfect! Really thank you and a big kiss for all the team.!!

Bye and good night :)

Sara from  Switzerland


J'ai reçu la robe hier!

MERCI 1OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FOIS! Elle est siiiii jolie! quel travail vous avez fait!

Je vous enverrai une photo en semptembre!

Merci encore et bonne continuation
Hello Julie,                                                                       Style: 7162

Hope you are find and everything is going well. i hope you still remember me, i am owner of Dress Style: 7162.

The attached folder is for my wedding pictures as i promised you :)....the dress was amazing and my friends liked it so much...thank you julie for making my day,
and for your support :)....hope to see you soon with another Dress :)

Rania Khamis    
I'm very pleased with my dress. It's quite beautiful. And the flower girl dress is very nice too.Thank you for all your work.!"
Thank you for preserving my wifes
gown. I gave it to her for our
anniversary and she was thrilled.

What a great idea." was recommended to me by a
friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received
was outstanding.

Keep up the good work!”
I received my dress on Thursday evening and I am so pleased with it! It was well worth the wait. It's beautiful, exactly what I wanted and it's a perfect fit! I'm very
glad I decided to order my dress from you. I wil definitely send you a wedding photo so that it can be included on your website. Thanks again!'
Thank you and all your team the dress has arrived
and is absolutely fabulous i will send in a photo with
me in it and will be sure to tell anyone who is getting
married to contact
Once again thank you all"
It was a great deal. I was happy with the dress, I do not think about any other dress and can not wait to wear it on my
wedding day. I am so happy!
I tried on several other
dresses and tried it on
one more time and the
tears flowed. Loved
everything about it .
I absolutely knew this was the dress when I first tried it on!  This
dress is very unique and beautiful which is why I fell in love with it.
It is so light and comfortable and very easy to move around in. I
cannot wait for everyone to see it on the day of my wedding!! I
LOVE this dress!
"I just ordered this dress.  I tried on so many dresses and find the ONE! The only thing I would change is to have it be a
corset back!"
My mom saw this dress and asked me to try on. I felt like it wasn't me when I
saw it on the hanger, but when I put it on I knew it was the one. I loved this
dress, I felt incredible and my wedding day was the best day of my life, and I
had a ball wearing this dress.
I LOVE this dress!
The dress is amazing i love the ruffles and the color white it comes
in is so bright and refreshing it was thhe perfect dress for me!It
was amazing a beautiful and i loved it and so did everyone else :)

Excellent Purchase!

"My friend found the dress online..Exactly what I pictured I wanted
as my beach wedding dress! But would it fit? I have NEVER had luck
with ordering clothes online or back in the day...catalogue
ordering...the dress came in two days, I tried it on, and I couldn't
believe how beautiful it was, and I felt!!! It only needs a little
shortening...Thank you sooooo MUCH!!!!"

Beautiful dress

I ordered this on a Friday and recieved it on a Wednesday - that
was great. This dress is absolutely beautiful - not just for the price.
PERIOD. Gorgeous. I ordered a size 10 and it was quite snug but I
knew it would be and It would give me motivation to lose some
weight before my Feb beach wedding in the Bahamas. I would say
that it is very true to size."

I ove my dress!
"I tried on 5 dresses before this one, i had thought i found the
dress of my dreams with the fifth dress, but i just had to see what
this one looked like. after my family and i saw me in this gown,
there was no contest. This was MY dress. Simple, but extravagant
at the same time. Its just gorgeous, I felt like a princess in it."


"We wanted two same elegant wedding and this dress really complimented every aspect of it. We love them very much,and everyone loved
them."Thanks a lot.
I wasn't going to spend much money on a dress, When we got to the store my wonderful MOH and daughters said I had to try it on, that it
would be worth the experience if nothing else. I put it on and felt wonderful in it. I am not a skinny bride and this dress made me feel sexy.
Can't wait to wear it on the day and my bridal shots will be amazing. I owe my MOH and daughters for making me try it on."

I looked at a couple their dresses. I had seen a dress online  and I, along with my entire bridal party and mom fell in love with it.I knew that this dress was "My Dress"!
Absloutely there are too many elegant dress that I have never   seen in person. Believe me,you will find your dress here!


I put it on and have never felt so beautiful and
magical in my life. I look like I have stepped straight
out of a fairy tale. My fiance was with me and all he
could do was smile.
It is worth every penny!


It was made perfectly. The fabric was ideal and compared to many top quality designer dresses... Thank goodness I picked this one...  . If
you want a dress that fits right, fabric flawless, and something that looks like you spend thousands instead of hundreds.... Then this is your

Patricia_en_Dirk from Holland

Greatly recommended!. I'm very pleased with this purchase. It looks amazing!"

Sunny From Australia
Style: Q1007

I feel it was truly made for me. When I start to search my dress I didn't know what I wanted exactly, but i like
princess feel. Q1007 was perfect. it had a very long elegant train, while still having a very full skirt.  looks great
in the photos. Everyone said it was such a beautiful gown and perfect for me.  I  loved it so much.  

They are absolutely perfect!  my dress detailing on the bust is absolutely gorgeous, and the pick up on the side
was exactly what I was looking for.
also my lovely two daughter's dress,so pretty.I absolutely fell in love with the color.
I love this dresses so much,I wish we could wear again!
Style: # PM979
I went on the website and examined all the dresses until I found the PM979. and instantly fell in love with it.
It was well worth it. My husband and family were speechless when they saw me wearing it.
It was comfortable and I really enjoyed wearing it. I wish I could wear it again and again.
Thanks !
Style: # 58283

After seeing #58283 online, I knew I had to have it.
I loved every picture from my wedding day and I really loved wearing that dress and didn't want to
take it off until 2 am. I did not want to take it off, I just loved it so much.  
Style: BG806        
I was particularly thrilled with my stunning dress. I felt like a princess on the day. I received many compliments.
The highlight of the day was walking up the aisle, seeing my teary eyed husband to be and hearing him tell me that I looked

thanks !!!   selina
Style: BG993

Thank you, my dress was stunning. I'll never forget the look on Tony's face as I walked down the aisle!! To
happy ever afters, fairy tales to come true.  
Style: BG902

I absolutely LOVE this wedding dress!! When I first started looking at dresses I found that I
really like this wedding dresses. They were flattering on and extremely comfortable. ..I only
wish I could find someplace else to wear it!

Style: F797

If you are looking for a beautiful and fun dress to wear I highly suggest the F979! I felt
like an absolute princess the entire night! Thank you  for creating the dress of my
Style # 2041
I fell in love with the#2041 the moment I saw it, it is simply the most stunning, elegant dress I have ever had the
honour of wearing. My husband was lost for words!
Thank you so much , for making my wedding dress, and my wedding day, the most special it could ever have been.  
Style : BG739

As I started shopping around for
dresses, I thought I knew exactly
what I wanted. Then I saw this
amazing dress and what I thought I
wanted was no more!

That very second, I knew my search
was over and I truly found THE
dress. I have never felt so beautiful
as I did on my wedding day - so
thank you for creating this gown!  
Thanks for making my daughter's dress,I fell in love with them. It was everything I wanted and
fited perfectly. thanks a million !!!
Great shopping experience!
Got an awesome deal on a beautiful dress. I thought the salespeople were very helpful. They made us feel
right at home. They even helped me  do some personalized alterations.
I'll definitely shop here in the future.--Anita
Wedding Dress online Store is a great place to go for any formal event. I recommend this shop to everyone. The staff
makes you feel very comfortable and they do everything their best to make your dress look perfect for you.
All of the women who work in this store went above and beyond to make everything perfect for my big day!

They were are all very helpful and they also have a great selection!
I recommend this store to anyone planning a wedding or any formal event!
I went to wedding dress online store last year for
their Promotion Sale! It was a little hectic with all
the brides-to-be, but I was very impressed with
the ladies there.  

They were very helpful, and very friendly! It was a
terrific experience.

Thank you guys, for an amazing selection, amazing
prices, and my beautiful wedding gown!!!

Bblythe                                                                                                                                         Style:58182                            
Custom made dresses,special cut according to my measuremetns,fit me perfectly! Julie is a very nice sales person. She
works with you until the day of your event. Has very good prices and i have made myself a few dresses with her.
Just tell her what you want,she will make a perfect dress for you.
The desiners are geat!

they worked with me to help create the
perfect dress for my wedding.

It was a perfect addition to a wonderful
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We got yesterday the dresses and it s so .nice

attached is my wedding pictures.



The BEST DRESS EVER!!  Date: February 20, 2008  

I custom maded a quinceanera dress,i really love it ! this is what i am looking for.

" I tried on a bunch of dresses, a little bit of everything. This was the best dress
out of all of them. It's so elegant and it feels great on compaired to some of the
other dresses. And the price is great for a dresses that is so elegant.

I will tell you I am in Love with this dress and to be honest thought it would take
me forever to find a dress because I am so picky."
Lisa,i love my dress.                                                                                                                                Style:8083
I received the dresses yesterday,the actual dress is more beautiful then pictures.
Received my dress !                                                                                                                             Style:58195

I received my dresses yesterday,

"When I tried this dress on I felt like a Greek Goddess! It is so slimming and
elegant...I can't wait for my future husband to see me in it!""When I tried this
dress on I felt like a Greek Goddess!

It is so slimming and elegant...I can't wait for my future husband to see me in it!"
Thank you again

Hi Lily,
Thank you so much!

I won!!!!!
I worn your dress in the concert,finally,I won. Those are the

I will keep in touch with you and buy more.
Thanks Julie,you are so kindly and helpful.

Alian                                                                                                                                                                  Style:PD001
Dear Lily,

This is Sakura from Japan,i got lots of comments in wedding day,i love the dress,thanks
a lot.

my friends will order from you,thanks for your help.

Best wishes


Thank you so much.Julie.I get the dress!

It fits me perfectly,and is so beautiful.I will let all my friends
know you and your website.

Thank you again!You have done a good job!

My Dreaming day !                                                                                                                                             Style:WD062
this dress is great!  

"i looked thru the website and i found this one (J6011), i picked this dress and when i tried it on i
loved it .Thank you Julie,you are the best!
Madeline                                                                                                                           Style:B047                    
The dress is wonderful!I will send you some pictures after
my wedding date.Thanks
I went to's to find my dresses They are so
beautiful and so flattering. The price was low plus,

I am is very excited and I think it will look adorable. I am getting married in
October of 2008 ,and will tell all of my friends your site.
Hola .

My customer was EXTREMELY H---A---P--P--Y! thats how she wanted it
really poofy , everyone loved the dress, thank you for all the hard work.

Just want to let you know the dress fit me perfectly. Thanks for your hard
work !

I know it is custom-made,but I can't believe it will fit me so well until I put
it on.

This dress is the dress of my dreams too,so nice!
The dress arrives today,I love the it,This is Andrea,and my style is
CG001,and i am so happy.
I will buy another one from you,thanks,Julie
It fits everywhere perfectly, and it is absolutely beautiful.I got the dress in
a size 20 and needed no alterations.Thanks

I'm getting married next month,the dress arrive today

and it fell perfectly a little below the middle of my shins.

I bought it in ivory and looks great with a set of pearls. I
Jennifer                                                                                                                           Style:W0574
Wonderful , wonderful , wonderful!  
This is the dress I want,Thank you.
Thank you Julie,J6011 is so beautiful,

I will send my photoes to you soon.
Thanks alot Julie for all of your help.

I received the dresses yesterday.
They are beautiful.

I will try and send you pictures from the wedding.


My name is Monique from chicago and i recieved my dress on 05/08/08 and it
was so beautiful when i pulled it out of the bag

i have not tried on the dress as of yet but i looks like it fit perfect.

Im very happy thanks.
Nicky                                                                                                                                                                    Style:G0043
Monique                                                                                                                                                               Style:1126
Great Dress !
I felt like a princess                                                                                                         Style:W0586
My perfect dress !
I love the Dress !
"I'm not into dresses....but this one just takes my breath away! It is so slimming, it has beautiful detail
work, and is was reasonably priced. I waited to buy my dress until it was almost "too late"

...Now I am so happy I found the right one!"
"I had picked this out online and it was one of my favorites to start with. This was the first one
that i saw online, but nothing else compared to it.

It is absolutely perfect and it is the dress of my dreams!"
"I'm getting married in in UK.

It is going to be HOT i wanted a dress that was going to be elegant but
overly done.

I felt in love it with it!. I felt and looked like a princess.
I can't wait until my wedding day!"

"Was not crazy about how the model looked in the dress and wasn't impressed when I saw it
on the hanger. But I thought I would be nice and try it on for the consultant.

Absolutely loved it!! Feels so great on I didn't want to take it off!!

I'm extremely happy with it."
"I wore this dress for my wedding and it was absolutely gorgeous.

When I walked down the aisle, my husband started crying, so I knew I had chosen the
right dress and look for our day. I received many compliments and someone even said
I looked like a princess. The only downside was that as the reception started, the
dress had become very heavy on the loop that was used to bustle the dress. The loop
actually broke and my personal attendant had to find a way to tie it up instead.

Otherwise, the dress was great and it really does make you look thinner. My dress size
was a size 10."
My Dress
Jennifer                                                                                                                                        Style:W0589

"This dress is by far the most perfect dress for bigger busted women!

I fell in love with it . my weddding is in August

definitely reccomend this dress for everyone to try on!

PERFECT! I highly reccomend!"
Nice Dress 2010 New # 2090
"Well while planning my big day. I turned out to be pregnant. I was going to be 8 months pregnant.
And when my mother seen it she said "Try it on you never know" So I did and loved it! I had the
seamstress put a light pink ribbon right were my belly would start and it looks beautiful it matches
my veil that has a trimming in pink. It's perfect I love it!!!!"

"I just ordered this dress with the pool sash and it looked amazing :)

Great dress. I am having a beach wedding and this dress is more than
suitable for a July Oceanside ceremony. Its very light and simple.

I give it 5 stars."
"This dress is by far the most perfect dress for bigger busted women!

I fell in love with it when I tried it on. I got it in the ivory/champagne color, which is
very classy and elegant! My bridesmaids are wearing Cabernet and my weddding is
in September so it will be the perfect colors for fall! I definitely reccomend this
dress for everyone to try on!

I didn't think I would want a halter top, but this way....I won't be worried the
whole day about pulling up my dress if I got strapless! PERFECT! I highly
Make my dream day !                                                                                                          Style:W0581
i like my dress
"It was weeks before my wedding. I had already purchased a very slimming dress to wear, but I gained
some "happy weight" :)

To look so elegant! Definitely recommend it if your curvy!!!"
My wedding.

"This dress is very flatterling and pretty. I went in and knew exactly what type of style dress I was
looking for, but I only found one dress that was similar to my taste.

and i absolutly loved it."
lovely day !                                                                                                                                      Style:WD009
"This dress is so amazing.

It was the last dress  I fell in love right away. If you are a plus size girl, this dress is perfect
for you. It covers the whole chest area and is very flattering.

If you have issues with your arms, the bolero jackets cover everything up completely!"
happy with my dress.                                                                                                                               Style:58178

I just wanted to tell you how much I loved my wedding dress and
thank you for everything!!

Everyone comments on how gorgeous the dress is when I show
them pictures from our wedding. It was perfect and so was our

I am attaching pictures so you can see how it looked on me. You
can give my email address if you need references. I will admit that
I was kind of nervous about ordering the dress online ,you
delivered a beautiful dress made to my measurements just as you
promised. I appreciate your patience with me and everything you
did for me. You helped make my wedding day perfect!!

Cathy  : )
Cathy                                                                                                                                                                Style:8158
Sakura---It is the one !                                                                                                                                       Style:W-400

OMG recieved the wedding dress.  The bride was very pleased with it.  I was real pleased .It was  just as
beautiful as we hoped it would be.  thank you

thanks again for such a beautiful dress.  I will recommend you to friends
here are wedding pictures . THANKS.

AWSOME                                                                                                                                                           Style:W0589

I received my dress !!!

It is soooo beautiful. Thank you so much for the excellent customer service!!!

Would recommend you to everyone!!!!  here are pictures from the wedding. Thank you again!! Heather T
ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!                                                                                                                              Style:Q1007

"I purcased this dress in March for my September wedding. It was the first dress I saw
on website.It is so great, I thought I could never wear a strapless dress (I'm not gifted
up top) but this one works and fits so well.

I can't wait to wear it and I would tell any one to buy this dress, you'll be happy!"
Olivia  --Dress for Me !                                                                                                                                       Style:J6011
Hello. I was just wanting to inform you that I recieved my dress today.

I tried it on and it fits PERFECT! Thank you very much for everything and all of your corporation. It is GORGROUS and just what I wanted! I will send you
wedding pictures after the wedding(Christmas)!
I will also be sure to tell all my friends about your site when they decide to
Thank You Too! The dress is exactly what i was looking for

Once again thank you very much. ~*Kimberly*~ from IL.
~*Kimberly*~                                                                                                                                                      Style:J6011
Hi Julie,

How are you? Thank you so very much for the great wedding dress. Yes, I had wedding, then I was out of country for honeymoon.
Everything was great, and I heard lots of compliments about my wedding dress:-))

Let me send some nice pics from my wedding so you could enjoy what a great job you and your staff did:-)

Warmest regards,
MY WEDDING !                                                                                                                                                    Style:6266
GREAT WEDDING !                                                                                                                                                Style:6597
This is the bride's mom and here are a few pictures from her wedding.

Everybody went on and on about how beautiful the dress was.
Thanks again,

Sonya and Cassandra
My pictures,everyone love it!                                                                                                                                                         Style:J6011
That is my pictures,everyone love the dress,and the Veil,Glove. flower girls!   

I am really happy with the dress,it was great.

Monika                                                                                                                                                                         Style:J6011
Thank you so much for my perfect dress.
It fit like a glove. please find some pictures attached

Love monika and family
The dress fits nicely,I LOVE IT !
Good job!  Right length as well!
everybody love my dress very beautiful ! thanks a lot !!
Allena Peters
MY BIG WEDDING !!!                                                                                                                                                       Style:CT001
Thank you so much for making this dress for me!!!
You added the buttons down the back, the train and then custom fit it.
It was perfect and I loved it. Everyone commented on the dress and asked where I ordered it from.
Joel and I got married August 9th 2008. Tomorrow is our 3 month mark.
Thank you so much! You make beautiful dresses. I hope you enjoy the pictures.
Michelle Haire
Perfect Dress!!!                                                                                                                                                                                Style:YU069

I received my wedding dress in the mail last week and was really impressed by the quality and condition it had.
The dress fit perfectly and was beautiful.
I love it. Thanks.                                                                                                          Momberger from Russia
This is my first to purchase a gown online.I am a little nervous ,But when I receive my dress,I become so excited,the dress is much beautiful than my

Our wedding day was so wonderful. A true dream come true for my husband and I. The way he looked at me as I walked down the isle, was a
moment i'll never forget! He loved the dress, and so did everyone else.

I am still getting compliments!
My big day !                                                                                                                                    Style:6644
This is my first to purchase a gown online.I am a little nervous ,But when I receive my dress,I become so excited,the dress is much beautiful than my

Our wedding day was so wonderful. A true dream come true for my husband and I. The way he looked at me as I walked down the isle, was a
moment i'll never forget! He loved the dress, and so did everyone else.

I am still getting compliments!
My big day !                                                                                                                                    

I ordered Style:58250 for special cut and in a good price and I received it on time.

Julie help me to make sure the wedding dress was made excatly
how it was on the picture only adding straps.

My husband cried when he saw me walk down the aisle and he said wouldn't cry
months before the wedding I felt like a princess.

Thanks so much!

Chundra Harris
Thanks !                                                                                                             Style:58250
Tuti                                                                                                                                                                    Style:1126
The dress is very beautiful!                                                                                                                                                     Style:BG938
Hi again.
i would like to tell you that the dress was prefect.
Thank you so much. It fitted me as if you had taken the
mesherments yourself.I'm definitely going to let my friends buy the
dresses from your website  from now on .
Well done!The wedding dress is perfect.
Thanks again.

Acosta Pérez, Sheyla Alexandra from Ecuador
Heather Brookens                                                                                                                                                                  Style:BG954
I recently purchased Style:BG954. It was beautiful. Everyone at the wedding
commented on how gorgeous the dress was. They said comments like, "We
know that everybody says the bride's dress is pretty, but yours is really
pretty." Others commented that it had a 40's feel to it. Everybody agreed
that it was a unique and beautiful wedding dress.

I was so nervous about purchasing my dress online, but it worked out great.
It was clean and in great condition when I received it in the mail. It did not
even need altered because it was a lace up back. The only adjustments I
made to it was getting the hem the right length and putting a bustle in it for
the reception.

Attached are the pictures of my dress. One is during the ceremony with the
train visible. One is of the lace-up back (my favorite part of this dress), and
one is of the bustle that was able to be created.

Thanks so much,
Heather (Illinois)
married June 20, 2009
Aliciea Solis                                                                                                                                                                Style:YU020
Julie did everything exactly how I asked. She even made my gloves, a train, and a custom veil at the last moment. Everything was shipped on time and I
couldn't have chosen a better company online or in person to use.

If you're skeptical about using an online wedding dress company, well if it's this one, don't be. I will recommend her to anyone in the market. Thanks Julie
for making my dream wedding dress. I wish I could do it all over again and pick out more dresses. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

Thank you for all you did everything turned out beautifully more than i could ever expected. You and your company are the REAL DEAL!!

                                                                               Aliciea Solis Clark
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                                                                                                                                 
I recieved my dresses yesterday and I couldn't be more happier!!!

They all look great!

Thank you so much for making my dream dress.

Thank you to you and your staff.


Julie thank so much for everything!!!!
the dress was amazing all my friends and family were saying how beautiful it was an how well made it
look from the inside and out..
..Im sending you some pictures of the wedding dress!!!!

and I hope to have the pleasure to order another dress from you soon!!!!

Carolina Castillo
Roaa_Albadry                                                                                                                                                                              CG082
I just want to thank you!

Everyone loves my dress,I am very appreciate your help!

Thank you,Julie,you are the best.

Julie is a great Lady. She is able to accomodate
your needs on short notice .She has very
affordable prices that you cant beat anywhere. I
wouldn't  go anywhere else for my Formal wear or
accessories. She has it all!!!!!!!!!!
Excellent Service & Excellent Prices:                                                                                                                                               Style:2053
Awesome:                                                                                                                                                                          Custom
I love the dress                                                                                                                       58351                                 
The dress is so beautiful,I love it.

Thank you very much!

My wedding pictures                                                                                                               BG808                             

It has everything I was looking for in my wedding dress. It's classic, extraordinary, beautiful, sexy, it shows
your figure and is very sophisticated! It was the perfect wedding dress choice for my special day.

I received many compliments on how my dress was stunning and chic.

Thank you  for creating such a wonderful thing!
Couture Gown Style # CG098 ;

I fell in love with this dress when I saw it .  I am very particular and always want things to be perfect And no matter
what, I coudn't get it out of my head, so I knew it was the one. My family has gone on and on about the dress and have
all said, "You look so beautiful, you belong in a bridal magazine!"  

also The corset ensured a perfect fit for the wedding day, and the details were stunning.
Thank you  !!!!!
Princess Gown Style: #8074
I was planning my wedding when I discovered Home of Bridal website. It was love at first sight! I ended up
going to the US just to buy the dress, and it was worth each cent.

The dress couldn't be more perfect!!
Prom Collection: # PM215
The dress was the most beautiful dress I have ever seen and was extremely comfortable. On the day, I received so
compliments. Everyone thought the dress was stunning. It sparkled so nicely in the light.

I'm so glad I bought this dress and trust me, the photos on this website of the dress definitely don't do it justice.

Thanks a lot.                                   From Sara
Quinceanear Gown # 90304
I searched several dresses before I came upon "the dress."
I found a few that I liked but I truly fell in love with this one.
It fit me perfectly and was exactly what I was looking for. It was the first and only dress that my Mom cried
when she saw
me in, so I knew it had to be the one! I had a beautiful wedding and got to wear the wedding dress of my
Thanks  !          
2010 New  # 2080

They say you just know when you find the perfect
dress and that was definitily the case for me!

The moment I saw the gown I knew it was the one!
I knew I
wanted a ball gown that was lovely, but elegant and
exactly what I found.

I couldn't have been happier.
thanks Kristy

"I purcased this dress in March for my
September wedding.
It was the first dress I saw on
website.It is so great, I
thought I could never wear a strapless
dress (I'm not gifted
up top) but this one works and fits so

I can't wait to wear it and I would tell
any one to buy this
dress, you'll be happy!"

Wedding Dress Style # W0589
I was planning my wedding when I discovered this website. It was love at first sight! I
ended up
going to the US just to buy the dress, and it was worth each cent.

The dress couldn't be more perfect!!
Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help, in helping me find my
dream wedding dress. I know it wasn't easy to make a custom size wedding
dress in 3 weeks and all you had was a picture of a dress I provided you.  You
paid so much attention to detail that I didn't need to go for alteration, it just
fitted me perfectly.

The dress was truly beautiful on me! I got so many compliments from family
and friends about the dress which I was delighted about!
Thanks again to you and your team who contributed in the success of my most
wonderful day. As promised, I have annexed few wedding pictures!

I will be highly recommending you to all.

Keep up the good work!

Salina from Ireland
The dress fits nicely,and Got lots of comments from the wedding,

thank You,hope you can enjoy the wedding pictures.


Hi Julie,

I wanted to thank you for helping me make the decision to buy my dream dress. The custom made dress was prefect and it was made in a
month! When I received it, I could not wait to try it on. I opened the package and slip it on and tears were running down my face. It looked
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and she said, " oh yeah this dress is way better than the first." She was right and it is all thanks to you and your team. I received so many
compliments from my family and friends and my husband was speechless.

I've been recommending you to all of my engaged and soon-to-be engaged friends!

Thanks so very much,

I bought my dress last month, and I knew it was the one.
!It is PERFECT for my  wedding!Thanks for making my last
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The picture doesn't do it justice. This gown was simply
FANTASTIC!  This dress is absoultely gorgeous. I love the
pattern and the beading on the entire dress is elegant.
this website is great. You won't regret it!!"


" THIS IS MY DRESS!When I got the package, I cried and so did my mom. matching jacket and glove are so cute
I got it in the red color because i want something special.and I thought it was too perfect to change!!

When I saw this dress online I fell in love
with it! It fits gorgeously, and is extremely
flattering.  I can't imagine getting married
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i'm in love it!!!
I purchased this dress & was so glad i found the "One". It was my first dress i saw and didnt need to see other ones one! when i got the
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I spent a long time looking for the "perfect
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We compared my measurements to the online
sizing chart and ordered the dress. The dress
arrived very fast. It's beautiful!! It's even
prettier than the picture. The fit is perfect! LOVE,
LOVE, LOVE this dress. Pretty beadwork and
beautiful detail to the top. The dress is so light
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I can't wait until my wedding day!!!!"
My husband said he wanted to give
me a fairytale wedding. This dress
was the 1st wedding item that I
picked & it fit my fairytale perfectly! I
received (& still receiving) tons of
compliments on it. I felt like true
royalty! Could not have asked for
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note- I'm a size 14, it's great for all
Excellent Dress

The best dress I've ever had
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express how wonderful it
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on. I am so excitied about this
Thanks everyone.I fell in love with
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This dress looks like it cost way
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I definitely cried when I tried it on
Immediately I fell in love with it
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This was the first and last dress I
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SO EXCITED!As soon as I had it on
I knew it was the one! It fit
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It is GORGOUS and I’ve received
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